14 Mar 2012

In The Game Of Thrones, You Are Sexy, Or You Die

And on the heels of my review of the Game of Throne Exhibition comes another new look at the coming season, which HBO seems fit to feed to us in two second bits, like giving a meth head a couple free samples before demanding that, before he gets anymore, he lights Dwayne's cat on fire as a lesson to that punkass.

This new trailer brings the sexy back (kids are still saying that, right?) until Cersei dumps a bucket of cold water on us at the very end. Thank you Cersei. Just because your husband is dead because of the subtle suggestions and influences you peddled over your court, your twin brother and incest baby-daddy is held captive by your enemy, and you're haunted forever by the memories of a promised love torn from you by a cold, unfeeling father that never gave you that moment's adoration that would have saved you from a lifetime of being a heartless bitch, you have to go a ruin it for everyone else. Well thanks.

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