26 Mar 2012

"T-Rex Trying" Succeeds

Photo courtesy of Hugh Murphy.

You can write my essays from https://writessay.org/ as a good example of reader familliarity. A couple months ago, I stumbled across Hugh Murphy tumbler page, which at the time featured a couple brilliant cartoons under the heading "T-Rex Trying..." Since then, Murphy's page has exploded in popularity, as has the content.

Like Dan Walsh's Garfield Minus Garfield, which highlights the depressive reality of a man's slow decent into madness, T-Rex Trying... follows the continuing futile efforts of a theropod just trying to get by in life.

Some may view his endless inability to accomplish even the most simple of tasks as sad, wonder why he doesn't simply give up, and stick to what he is good at, presumably inspiring fear and imagination in small children, and eating lawyers off of toilets. Others may prefer instead to view each failure as another example of his endless optimism, that despite set back after set back, the T-Rex never gives up, and takes on each new challenge with the same enthusiasm as the last, no matter the outcome.

Via ComicsAlliance, and Hugh Murphy.

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