Children Continue To Be Awesome, Still Wouldn't Want To Spend Any Time With One

Children are all impressionists. In those early days, when the world is still uncharted and every concept is new, children are able to bring to life ideas that never occur to most adults. Such is the goal of the Space Foundation Student Art Contest, a contest open to pre-kindergarten through high school students, which challenges them to create an image that represents a theme. The 2012 theme, 'Space is Infinite - Explore', has produced it's winners, from the US, Turkey and Pakistan.

To see all the winners, hit the jump.
Van Gogh Jr?

This is the only one that gives me the wiggins. Which, I guess, is progress. Children usually freak me all the hell out.

They are the space aliens who say 'ni, ni!'
I love that no one, no matter how old, only ever draws space dogs with helmets and no suits. Because explosive decompression never happens in the anus.
At the top it says 'Space Hotel', so judging by how the guy in white is clawing helplessly at the floor, trying desperately not to be sucked out into the silent, black, void, I'm guessing breakfast is extra.

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