Neil deGrasse Tyson Knows What God Needs With A Starship, He's Just Not Saying

He will, however, appear at Comic-con, as a spectator, walk to the mic, and proceed to explain to the actual guests, and the audience, why the Enterprise is the greatest spaceship ever.

The question is, does he really believe that, or is he just trying to distract us form his own ship, the USS Suck It Bitches, built in secret out of composite light weight titanium and the letters of children still rilled up about Pluto's demotion. Powered by scientific apathy and ignorance, he shall launch at a time near the equinox, just to mess with people, and travel to a Lagrangian point, where he shall watch us destroy ourselves from his gravitational neutral throne. Then he and the downloaded consciousness of Carl Sagan shall debate the grand questions: if Aaron Sorkin made a sci-fi series, would it look anything like Battlestar?

Via Topless Robot.
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