13 Sep 2012

Catwoman Returns To Humanish Proportions

Courtesy of DC Comics

You might remember hearing something about this a while back. DC Comics, in an effort to remain completely inaccessible or understandable to new readers, would be taking all their titles to 0 for one month, providing back stories that would fill how characters got from the old DCU to the New52 (though, I thought the whole point of the New52 was so readers wouldn't have to know anything about the old DCU...).

When they announced this, they previewed the left most image for the cover of Catwoman. It met some resistance. Partly because it was exploitative cheesecake. Partly because it is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with women being objectified in comics. And partly because it was an insultingly terrible image. The internet bellowed, and in a move that shocks me, DC actually listened. They realised they had made an error, and fixed it, by having original artist Guillem March redraw the cover, seen on the right.

Selina Kyle is now positioned in a way that allowed her to continue using her spine, her buttocks have been downsized to less 'emergency floatation device' sizes, and her limbs and neck are bending in ways that limbs and necks usually bend in. Also, March recognised that a bit of cleavage isn't always necessary. Generally, she looks more human like, and less 'conceptual image a 13 year old has of women' like.

Or at least, as human as women in comics look at the best of times.

Via Uproxx.

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