Archer Toys? Yup.

Forget some vaguely humorous opening remark, let's get to this. Factory Entertainment, which to this point has concerned itself mostly with licences for nostalgia properties (Beatles, Princess Bride, Universal Monsters) and occasional regrettable projects (Green Hornet, Cowboys and Aliens) have went and got themselves a winner. They've signed a deal with FX to create a line of merchandise from the hilarious Archer. What sort of merch? Well:
- Collector Plush including: Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, Baby Seamus and Pam Poovey’s Dolphin Puppet.

- Shakems Premium Motion Statues – Factory Entertainment’s line of highly detailed, desktop-scaled polystone statues featuring a dynamic motion element and authentic character dialogue including: Lana Kane & Sterling Archer.

- Action Figures – Detailed collector-oriented action figures starting with Sterling Archer himself!
I am more excited about this then is reasonable. I'm big into action figures, and have desperately wanted an Archer line for years now. I desperately want them to go all out with this line, stack each figure with logical and hilarious accessories (Archer with a glass of whisky, Carol with a bottle of glue, Woodhouse with the lemur). In a perfect world, each figure would come with a piece of a BuildAFigure of Bionic Barry.

Factory, listen to me: if you put the effort into this line, and make it something truly special, I will buy every single one. Maybe a couple. Probably a few of Krieger. Really,  Krieger should be exclusive to a playset of his van. A creepy, Rush-inspired play set, complete with various robots, virtual girlfriends, and a gallon of irradiated ants.

That would be the final proof that you could indeed buy happiness.

Via Toy News International.
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