Here Be Dragons

Last year it was all we could do to stop from collapsing under the endless parade of recut trailers from HBO for Game of Thrones. This year, they're quieter then a child cowering under their beds while the Krampus stalks them. And we the viewer are left abandoned, soaked in urine, cradling ourselves, rocking back and forth trying to not scream, much like a child cowering under our beds while the Krampus stalks them.

So, it is with much joy that HBO finally steps up, and releases some material. First, the official season image (following the Iron Throne and grasped crown of the previous two seasons). And it's a flying dragon! Does this mean HBO is willing to fork over a little extra cash so that the more CG heavy elements of the show get a bit more love? Probably not. But it's a damned nice image. This and last year's crown really embrace the minimalist "less is more" advertising style that has become popular of late.

After the jump you can see the first proper trailer, which contains new footage from the season.

Wall scaling! Unsullied! Flying dragons! And Mance Rayder seems a lot more pissed then he ever did in the books. Only a month to go...

And yes, I am aware I didn't use the Krampus line a third time, thus actaully making it a joke and not just an incredibly out of place reference. I am well aware.
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