[How To] - Build The Muppet Theatre, Part 2

"It's the Muppet Show, with our very
special guest star, Mr. Peter Sellers. Yayyyyyyy!"

So, a few weeks back I talked some about the best Muppet toys made by Palisades during their short production. Last week, I laid out the worst possible step by step guide explaining how to build a scale model of the Muppet Theatre for said toys. This week, finally, I just gloat some, and show off the completed Theatre, in use with figures and playsets. It was a pain in the ass to make, but loaded up with the various characters, it looks pretty good on my shelf.

All pictures are the property of the author, though feel free to share them so long as you point people back to where they came from (here, obviously). Their low quality is also the responsibility of the author, who loathes cameras.

Hit the jump to take the tour.

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights...

The Muppet Show sign is printed gloss on adhesive paper, stuck to a foam card, with the centre of the "O" cut out so Kermit and Gonzo can stick through. It slots in snugly anywhere along the interior of the frame.

The curtains can be manually drawn back and tied so they keep out of the way. They were made from actual curtain material, which I bought at extreme discount (seriously, I've got enough to make a body suit out of. Or a really, really long cape).

Sweetums gives Robin a boost.

Piiiiiiiiiiiiigs. Iiiiiiiiiin. Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

"... as my assistant Beaker will now demonstrate."
Here are the Muppet Labs against a dark backdrop. I had a dark and a white drop made, to put behind the various sets. Eventually, I hope to have a series of printed drops, like the "Veterinarian's Hospital" or the "At the Dance" sets, printed.

"Gersh gurndy morn-dee de chickee"

"Hey guys, look what I found!"

"This is a Muppet News Flash..."

Bemoan my lack of Zoot. I do. I so very do.

This would be one of those times a printed drop would work much better then just the plain white.

Sam and Kermit debate decency in modern television.

"I hope that something better comes along."

Set change!

What I was ultimately working towards, the day when I could put these two things side by side. As you can see, the colours are slightly off. The painted facade is lighter then it should be, though not as much as this picture suggests (damn cameras. Demon machines!). The pattern matches pretty well, though is obviously hand drawn when closely examined. It also isn't as bright as it should be (I could have, and should have, given it more coats. But I hated it so very much by that point). Sadly, unless I elect never to use my dinner table for eating again, there is no place in my home long and deep enough to keep them like this. So... eating off trays, I guess.

"Keep believing, keep pretending; we've done just what we've set out to do..."

Where did everybody go?
Did you spot Peter Sellers? He was in there.
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