Hugh Laurie Really Wants To Be A Movie Star

Hugh Laurie hasn't had the greatest luck when it comes to film. He's been trying to adapt his own novel, The Gun Seller, for years to no avail. He was signed on to play Perry White in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, but had to drop out when House was an unexpected success (probably dodged a bullet there). then he was set to play the Ronnie Cox originated villain in the Robocop remake (again, probably a dodged bullet), a role that eventually went to Michael Keaton. His biggest successes in film have been in voice acting roles, in Monsters vs. Aliens, and Arthur Christmas.

But he's not giving up, and is now rumoured to be attached to the Brad Bird/Damon Lindelof mystery project formerly known as 1952, and now known as Tomorrowland (a great title). George Clooney has already been announced as the star of the film, and Laurie could be signing up to play (yet again) the main villain. While I was surprised that Laurie didn't move immediately to the big screen after the finale of House, I find it equally odd that the majority of roles he's being offered are those of the bad guy.

Either way, Tomorrowland, which some are speculating has something to do with Disney's involvement with UFO cover ups in the fifties, sounds better and better each time a little piece of information leaks out about it. However, so did Lindelof's previous film, Prometheus, and we all know how that went. Hopefully having Brad Bird in the director's chair will keep the film grounded.

Via /Film.
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