I Want Muppet Lego Now

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I've supported campaigns on the Lego Cuusoo before. And while the Back to the Future sets were chosen to become official Lego products, the Serenity set was not. I can see the logic behind that. Really, unless it was a limited web or comic-con exclusive set, I'll admit there would be much general population interest in Serenity (which is a crime against culture, but I move on).

But none of that matters now. Because we need Muppet Lego now. Preferably yesterday, but baring involvement from time travellers, we can at least support this campaign. The creator admits that his minifig mock-ups aren't the best in the world, but that he also isn't a professional sculptor. They certainly look better then anything I could have come up with.

But Muppet Lego makes sense. The Muppets are big right now. With their new movie just entering production, it's release next year would be the perfect time to have new items on the market, to appeal to both the kids that Disney wants in the audience, and us older fans who are unreasonably attached to both Dutch construction toys, and the Muppets (as, over the past couple weeks, you might have been able to tell I am).

And, Lego already has a previous and well established relationship with Disney, the studio which holds the Muppet rights, having created Lego sets for the Pirates franchise and the Avengers, as well as Toy Story and Cars (and I guess technically, now, Star Wars).

So go here. Go there now, and support this project. Because it is not too much to ask for Lego bears and pigs and chickens and things.

Via Lego Cuusoo.
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