It's A Magical World

All images the creation of nite4awk

Calvin and Hobbes is wonderful, and beautiful and hilarious. This doesn't really need to be said. Except that, I thought that it couldn't ever be any more of any of those things. It was a pinnacle piece. But I was wrong. Dead wrong, and was proven thus by Reddit user nite4awk who has merged some lovely pieces of real world photography, with images from the comics. In a perfect world, this is just pretty, and an excellent example of the internet using it's powers for good. In a less then perfect world, these would be story boards for a terrible live action/CG movie. Thankfully, apparently, we live in a perfect world.

I always assumed as much, despite so much evidence to the contrary. It's nice to know for certain.

Hit the jump for many, many more that will make your day, I guarantee it.

Aside from the header, possibly my favourite.
I take it back. They're all my favourite.

Via Geekologie.
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