Judy Greer Is Writing A Book That I Will Read

Judy Greer can have as many adjectives associated with her name as she damned well wants: funny, beautiful, tenacious, sarcastic, rude, saucy, or any others that might do her justice. The Arrested Development and Archer actress can now also add author to her list of descriptors, having signed a deal with Random House to publish her memoir I Don’t Know What You Know Me From: Confessions of a Co-Star. Obviously embracing her career of playing best friends, second fiddles, sexual deviants, ditzes and caustic sisters of romantic leads, all of which she deftly plays.

If it's not obvious by now, I'm a fan, and even if the project sucks, having Greer in the cast at least guarantees one quality performance. I always feel good for comedic character actors when they find success in drama (as Joss Whedon says, "comedy is the hard one," but drama tends to get more attention), and Greer was a stand out in The Descendants, in a decidedly unfunny role.

Personally, I'd rather watch, and am more interested in secondary, possibly under appreciated actors like Greer then any Hollywood super-star. I'd certainly be more interested in what they have to say, and look forward to her memoir.

Via The Mary Sue.
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