Now Pay Attention 007, This Is How You Do A Montage

I did not watch the Oscars, I haven't in years. They are meaningless, indicative of nothing but the budget of the marketing department for various studios, and (as I've read this week) a shameless whoring of dignity for the sake of ratings (there is an irony in a celebration of achievement in film being undermined by TV viewership).

And apparently the much touted James Bond 50th anniversary segment sucked. Despite reports leading up to last Sunday, none of the Bond's were there (not surprising really, I didn't figure Connery would agree to do it). Kees van Dijkhuizen has a remedy for that let down though, in the form of his own montage of the 23 films of the 50 year franchise, set to the now Award winning theme song, Skyfall. It's a straight up chronology though, and in no way takes a position regarding some of the finer details of the legend of James Bond.

Via First Showing.
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