The Lambs Are About To Start Screaming

Now, I'm a fan of Bryan Fuller. Dead Like Me, fantastic; Wonderfalls, hilarious and my personal favourite; Pushing Daisies, timeless and practically perfect; Heroes season 1, exemplary; Mockingbird Lane, uhh... existed. But I have been sceptical of Hannibal since it was announced. Not only because I feel that nothing ever needs to be made about Hannibal Lecter again, but because even with Fuller behind the wheel, I can't imagine NBC would make it anything other then a Criminal Minds style police procedural. It's cast intrigues me some, with Mads Mikkelsen, Laurence Fishburne, and Gillian Anderson in her return to American broadcast television were all interesting choices. But interesting and talented casts are not enough to overcome what could just be a rotten idea.

Out of respect to Fuller, I'll watch the first episode at least, but this first teaser trailer does little to calm my concerns. In fact, this trailer makes it look more like FOX's current The Following, a show that is loosing ground more and more with every episode. And Hugh Darcy seems entirely wrong as Graham in this preview (though that might be more that Graham seems entirely wrong in this preview). It is a short look, to be fair, and maybe this will be Fuller's first series that lasts longer then two years, but I doubt it. I imagine in the end, the most Hannibal will be remembered for will be as the thing that Mads missed Thor: the Dark World for.

Caroline Dhavernas (Wonderfalls) gets my full attention though.
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