The One Who Knocks, And The One With The Axe

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Last week came the announcement that Archer will be getting it's own multi-pronged toy line, including plushies and action figures. I deemed this Good News. This week, from the 2013 Toy Fair, comes the reveal that both Breaking Bad and Axe Cop are receiving similar treatment from Mezco, and they look fantastic. Obviously, the above figure is the most outstanding of the bunch, and will grace my shelf once it is wildly available. Also available in the Breaking Bad line are Walter in the hazmat suit, and presumably a couple versions of Jesse as well, though those weren't on display. Additionally, Walter and Jesse plushies, in both hazmat and drug-deal outfits, will be on offer, as will bobble heads and stylized mini figures.

Axe Cop is also getting a load of merch, no doubt spurred on by the approaching arrival of the animated series. On display was a line of figures, including a barely articulated Axe Cop, Avocado Soldier, Wexter, Doody Soldier and Doctor Doo Doo (exactly as it sounds), and Baby Man and a line of plushies headlined by Wexter, the flying space-dinosaur with miniguns for hands.

I'll admit, I had no idea what they intended for the Archer plushies when they were announced, but looking at these offerings, my mind is put very much to rest. Hit the jump to see a couple of general pictures, but head over to ComicsAlliance to see more from Breaking Bad, and Axe Cop.

This will complete a very specific part of my life.

Via ComicsAlliance, and again.
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