30 Apr 2013

They're Going To Need A Bigger Boat

The Wondercon trailer for Pacific Rim has been released, and gives us our first looks at Ron Perlman, Charlie Day, and the wide range of various monsters the robots will be fighting in the film. And I've got to say, as much as giant robots punching giant monsters in the face seems like a fun idea, I can't shake the feeling that this whole thing is going to be goofy. I have absolute faith in Guillermo del Toro, one of the few directors I do anymore, but Hellboy 2 got a bit goofy, and with all the CG and neon lights and I'm still not sold on Idris Elba's "rousing speech," and I worry. I'll still see it, I'll just gird myself before I do, and not expect as great a thing as I might have when the project was announced.

Maybe the movie will make this clear, but how exactly are they alien if they came from under the pacific? Wouldn't that just make them aquatic?

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