ComicsAlliance Is Dead

Anyone who takes notice of where I cull stories from will have noticed ComicsAlliance mentioned more then once. It was a quality site. I say was, because as of Friday AOL has terminated the site. Some materials left over from last week were published Monday, but that was it. Chris Sim, contributor, reviewer and resident Batmanologist has a nice obituary for the site up now on his own little corner of the internet.

ComicsAlliance was part of my daily commute around the series of tubes, and it is sad to see anything as informative, well written and well maintained as it disappear. Under the editorships of Laura Hudson and Joe Hughes, CA brought unique stories and insight in a world increasingly over saturated with geek culture. And that they had writers like Chris Sim and Caleb Goellner certainly didn't hurt. Sim especially, with his constant Batman-analysis, and running series of reviews, were something to look forward. I will miss the site immensely, and wish all of its writers, contributors, employees and editors good luck in the future.

And AOL? For such a sudden and dick move, I have a personal message for you after the jump.

Via Comic Book Resources.
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