1 May 2013

GTA 5 Promises Three Different Characters Players Can Kill Hookers With

Well, this "trilogy" of trailers for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V pretty much hits all the spots that the series detractors make the most fuss over: random violence, sexual content, glorified depiction of gang lifestyles, rock and roll. It's all there. And all of that is pretty much why fans of the series are looking forward to the next installment.

It is a clever idea, making a personalised trailer for each of the three playable protagonists. Clever ideas are what I'm hoping for from GTAV, considering that GTVIII and Vice City practically invented and certainly popularised the sandbox gaming genre. However, since then, each game has been little more then an engineering tweak of the established format. The graphics have gotten better, the worlds more expansive, but  it all just seems like more of the same. And I know I haven't felt invested in any of the series characters since  Tommy Vercetti. Hopefully Michael, Trevor or Franklin will change that.


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