All I Know Is That My Snowmen Never Looked That Good

Here is the first trailer for Joel Schroeder's Dear Mr. Watterson, a documentary that looks to essentially be about how much everyone loves Calvin and Hobbes. Which is true, but I don't know if that is the meatiest thesis on which to base a documentary around - it is pretty much a given, and self proving. It is also important to note that Schroeder didn't interview Watterson for this documentary, because Watterson doesn't give interviews. So, while he have the likes of Berkeley Breathed, Bill Amend and Seth Green speaking about the influence Watterson had on the medium at the time and since, we don't have anything new from the man himself.

Which, I suppose is his point. The strips speak for themselves. And one of the many, many reasons I love Calvin and Hobbes is because, like The Peanuts before it, the timeless intelligence doesn't date the strip, and makes it accessible and multigenerational, in a way the Doonesbury or Outland never will be, because they are so specifically mired in a time and a place and an event.

Oh, and if you want to feel a kinder set of emotions, have a look at this adorable cosplay.

Via /Film.
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