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September 24th, 8pm. ABC.

That is the official premier of Marvel's first attempt to bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to television, Joss Whedon's return to TV since the cancellation of Dollhouse in 2010, and the return of Clark Gregg as a not as dead as they thought Agent Phil Coulson, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.  I'm excited, are you? You should be. Not only is the arrival of SHIELD good news for we fans of the Coulson character, it could potentially lead to further expansion of the MCU. If SHIELD is as big a hit on network TV (admittedly, not that big a mountain as in former years), and can maintain at least a baseline quality, then ABC and Marvel have the potential to access dozens of more properties that could find a better life on TV then in the films.

In a business that increasingly relies on the comfort and reliability of franchises, is it really such an extreme idea to think that, in three or four years, that there might be several shows on ABC, if not an entire evening, under the MCU banner. I don't think so.

Via Collider.
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