25 Jul 2013

Thanks To Ironman, Every Film Will Now Feature A HUD Sequence

Gravity might just be the year's best film. It's certianly is shaping up to be the most scientifically accurate film of the year, and in my mind those two concepts are as near as makes no difference. There is a lot to like in this trailer above, from a science perspective. First of all, it appears the film has corrected my biggest issue with the initial teaser trailer, in that throughout the length of this preview, there is no sound other then the radio communications. No impact blasts, no explosions, no grinding. Silence, as it should be. And in that final shot, there are no stars, which considering that they were facing the day light side of the planet, in full view of the sun, would be correct; the comparative dimness of the stars would be all but washed out.

After the jump, see the next in the sequence, which takes place on the night side of the world and does feature stars. Clearly, Alfonso Cuaron was paying attention to the details. The George Clooney and Sandra Bullock film hits North American theatres October 4th, and while I hate 3D, I think that this is a film that might be well served by the IMAX and 3D treatment.

Via Collider.

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