10 Sep 2013

A Day That Will Live On In Infamy

The BBC has announced a job-smacking amount of information concerning the Doctor Who 50th Special, including a title, so we can stop just calling it the 50th. It will be The Day Of The Doctor. Which, aside from following the standard Dalek serial naming convention, I'm a little disappointed that it didn't keep with the tradition of the multi-Doctor stories being named after the number of Doctors (Three, Five, Two).

It is confirmed that The Day Of The Doctor will be a 75 minute special airing on BBC One, and around the world, on November 23rd. Beyond that, the whole of the BBC has apparently been given over to the Time Lords (as it should be). BBC Two will be airing Mark Gatiss' docudrama, An Adventure In Space And Time (which I'm looking forward to more then Day, to be honest), though no exact date has been set of that. 

Two will also air a lecture from Professor Brian Cox (the rock star astrophysicist, not the actor) looking into the science of the series (spoilers: there isn't much, but it doesn't matter) and Matthew Sweet will be doing a special edition of The Culture Show called Me, You And Doctor Who, looking into the cultural impact of the series over the last half century.

BBC Four will rebroadcast the restored edition of the inaugural serial, An Unearthly Child, in its entirety, in case you've been lost as to what has been going on up til now, and want to start from the beginning. And Radio 2 will be airing a 90 minute special called Who Is The Doctor? No announcements have been made concerning BBC Three as of yet, but I don't suspect they'll be sitting this one out.

Via Den of Geek. Twice.

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