This Is Why Hitler Didn't Bomb Paris

Hollywood is weird. Despite director George Clooney coming out and saying that his new film, The Monuments Men, wasn't meant to be awards bait, and that it wasn't going to be finished in time for it's Christmas release, he's still getting flack for the move. I suppose it fits the narrative of a bunch of movie stars all in a film together better if there looks to be an ulterior motive behind making the film, other than just wanting to make a good film and have fun while doing so. I guess people would rather they release an unfinished movie that they can complain about rather than a finished movie that stands a chance at being good.

Anyway, the film was pushed back to February 7, where it won't have to compete against the Hobbit and can benefit from a longer media push. Case in point, here is the UK version of the trailer, which focuses a lot more on the war aspect of the film, and features a lot more footage of the secondary characters, played by John Goodman, Bill Murray and Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville.

Yeah, this movie has a great cast.
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