6 Feb 2014

Friendship Is Ambush Tactics

I have never seen an episode of My Little Pony. I am not the target (or secondary) audience, and "Bronie" sounds like a terrible desert of some kind. But I don't begrudge or judge others for their interests. To each their own. That being said, artist Cherry Garcia has found a way to make me interested in MLP, and that's by making the characters dinosaurs. Raptors, to be specific. Magical, rainbow raptors, but we'll stick a pin in that for now.

I don't really understand why grown men are increasingly becoming infatuated by a show about cartoon ponys using magic to become friends. I would completely understand why grown men would increasingly become infatuated by a show about cartoon raptors using magic to become friends. That just makes sense. Perfect, obvious sense.

Hit the jump to see the rest of the cast, some of which have feathers!

I hope this doens't awaken something in me.

Via GeekxGirls.

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