5 Feb 2014

If They're Shooting At You, They're Bad Guys

Some weeks, I have to scrimp and scrape and bleed the internet to find things I feel are worth posting (and I only post two or three things a day). Other weeks, I'm spoiled for choice, like this week. The sheer amount of stuff that came out of (or rather, during) the Superbowl on the weekend means I'm just now getting through the last of it. And here it is, the last of it: a new Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer.

I've included the European trailer rather than the American one for a couple reasons. One, despite reusing the same opening as the first trailer, I feel it's a slightly better version of the second trailer. And second, it gives us our first (and to date, only) look at Sharon Carter, who considering the casting hoopla around the character I assumed would have a larger (read: lead) role, but has been completely absent from promotions thus far.

Also, I'm very curious as to who dies in this film to get every character into that graveyard. Nick Fury gets the hell beaten out of him, but Samuel L. Jackson's in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so it's got to be someone else. Guess I'll have to wait another two months to find out.

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