10 Jun 2014


Lego has announced the winner of the Winter 2014 review, which takes the ideas from Lego Ideas with the most votes, and turns them into purchasable products. Previous winners include the Back to the Future DeLorean, the Ghostbusters and not the Muppets (because this universe is a harsh, angry, joyless place).

The winner this cycle was actually a hold over from the previous. While Ghostbusters was too good to pass up, the Female Scientists set from Ellen Kooijman couldn't be discarded. So they held it over and gave it the go ahead. I'm a big fan of this set, and not just because it contains a dinosaur skeleton made of Legos (of which, it should be noted, I will buy several). Female minfigs are woefully under produced by the company, averaging (and I have no data other than being an observant collector) about one out of every ten figs in a product line, though that number is slightly higher in the City collection, probably to one in six. One could argue that this is because the majority of Lego sets are licensed, and the properties they are adapting have fewer female characters. Which is a problem in an of itself.

But the point is, this will be a line of exclusively female characters who aren't Disney princesses, or pink, or those weird giant Polly Pocket style figures that don't mesh with regular Lego. These are series women, studying paleontology, astronomy and chemistry, and I can't wait to add them to my collection (again, with three or four of the dinosaurs - you know what, better make it a half dozen just to be sure).

Via Lego Ideas.

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