9 Jul 2014

That Is The Most Real, Authentic, Hysterical Laugh Of My Entire Life

A third, and one presumes final, trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy dropped earlier this week. In keeping with the tone of these trailers, and one assumes of the film and, it is augmented by unexpected musical accompaniment, this time The Runaways' Cherry Bomb.

This trailer, the last chance James Gunn and Marvel has to sway anyone as of yet undecided about the film, steps away from Chris Pratt's character slightly, giving more of the spotlight to wise ass Rocket (and also giving us a better listen to Bradley Cooper's voice work). It does a better job than the previous films in setting up the tone of the film, highlighting the kind of comedy the film will be implementing, as well as reminding us that it may well be an immensely dark film at time. As such, we get to see and hear more of Lee Pace's Ronan the Accuser than we ever have, as well as getting a split second look at Michael Rooker as Yondu.

A lot of people had Guardians pegged as a "love it or hate it" kind of film, and that may yet prove to be true But I suspect that there will be a lot of material here that is universal appealing to the audience. The fact that the material will be delivered by a talking raccoon is where the challenge lies.

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