26 Sep 2014

In Space, No One Can See You Fire Breaking Thrusters and Gradually Come To A Carefully Maneuvered Halt

Guardians of the Galaxy took a lot of completely fair influence from Star Wars, as has every science fiction movie, and most fantasy movies of the last forty years. the only time I felt that was a bad thing was during the extended Knowhere space battle sequence in the middle of the film. It felt far too derivative of the WWII dog-fight style space battles that George Lucas used to revolutionize his movies, and that no one has even attempted to think of a different idea for since.

PBS' Digital Studios series It's Okay To Be Smart takes on the subject of war in space, and all the various ways that a little creative invention on the part of one influential writer or director might create an entirely new paradigm in space fiction. Because personally, I'm sick and tired of the Lucas way of doing things. I want something new. I want three dimensional thinking.

Via the Mary Sue.

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