26 Sep 2014

It's A Three Magic Shop Kind Of Town

In Colon, Michigan, an 80 year old annual gathering of magicians from around the world, called Abbott’s Magic Get Together, has given the town the right to call itself the "Magic Capital of the World." And now it has it's own documentary: Welcome to Colon, Magic Capital of the World, by John Lagomarsino and Ryan Manning. The fifteen minute documentary short is a brief look into a small town tradition, and hints on some much larger subjects that I'd love to see play out in a longer format.

The Verge has a companion article to accompany the above documentary, which again touches on issues that I feel could support their own investigation. Issues like the struggles of identity in small town American; the benefits and compromises of townie life when hosting a large scale event; the difference between cooperation and competition in the face of civic unity; magic as a broader concept in the modern world; and the wonder of small ignorances.

Via /Film.

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