27 Oct 2014

They Dug Coal Together

Some time ago, I can't remember exactly when, Graham Yost said he envisioned Justified as six season, with each two representing an act in a traditional three act structure. Or, as each two season as a novel in a trilogy, in keeping with Raylan's literary origins. And looking back, you can see how Yost has struck to that notion. In each of the three main protagonists, Raylan, Boyd and Ava, they've each followed the same path over the course of the series. Season one and two were about salvation. Each of the characters confronted their past deeds and personal character, and took steps to progress beyond the limitations of the expectations of others (to varying degrees of success). Season three and four were about rising to new places of personal and professional glory, and establishing power over those that sought to undermine them. Season five was about that power being taken away, about their sense of self worth crumbling into non-existence, and each of the characters coming to terms with the notion that events are beyond their control.

What does this mean for season six, the final season, only two months away at this point and teased for the first time above with a reminder that it ultimately comes down to Raylan and Boyd, two sides of the same coin, on either side of a line that gets worn away more and more every day? Well, if Elmore Leonard's novels are any indication, it's that the bad guy usually dies, and the hero walks away with less than he thought he would (though they usually get the girl, if only for a while). In the case of Raylan's own novels, we gets the girl in two of three, he shoots a man dead in one (and Boyd in the short story), while in the other two he's the only man left standing while deceit and greed cause everyone else to take care of themselves.

Which is a lot of words meaning I haven't a clue how things are going to shake down in Harlan this season. Except, I suspect someone is taking a bullet. When and who, I don't care to guess at this point.

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