25 Nov 2014

There's An Island, Off The Coast Of Costa Rica...

When Jurassic World was first announced, I was among the dissenting voices. And slowly, as more and more details emerged, I moved on from my initial gut, emotional reaction, and began reacting to actual data. And slowly, I warmed to the film that Colin Trevorrow. Today, they have unleashed the first trailer, a full trailer rather a teaser, and...

I have chills. Maybe it's the incredibly melodious solo piano version of John Williams' theme song. Maybe it is how beautiful this early footage looks (even if it is overly computer generated). Maybe it's because I want to go to there so much, even with the running and the screaming. Later in the week, barring something unforeseen, I'll be looking at this 2:30 minutes in a little more detail.

In the mean time, I'm very happy.

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