So What, I'm Not Allowed to Phone It In Once And A While?

I'll be honest with you, I was planning a good long essay on the purpose and use of death in fiction. It was going to be a corker of a way to end the week. And then, I didn't write it. Sometimes that happens. I still will, but for reasons and another, it still is percolating inside my noodle rather than tickling your retinas.

So, in it's place, I'll be doing the minimum amount of work to make up for it. Here is a video of an owl pooping on another owl, then running away. In it, you will see an owl poop on another owl, then run away. It is exactly how it sounds, and is exactly as you might expect. Highlights include the owl pooping on another owl, the first owl running away like the Hamburglar with a sack of quarter-pounders, and the look of utter perplexment on the second owl's face when this all goes down.

Enjoy. I did. Multiple times.

Via Uproxx.
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