7 Jul 2015

T-rex Triking

In Portland, the above tricycle is for sale. It is a custom item, and going for $2000. And lest you think that having a tricycle isn't cool, for whatever reason (physical stability is "da bomb, son"), check out the specs:

Not only is it designed to look like a T-rex skeleton (FYI, for a normal person, that is the fullest description that is needed before cutting in with a frantic "Iwantitnowgiveittome"), but it is also twelve feet long, nearly nine feet tall and has been clocked at 35 miles per hour. OK, that last one isn't true. It only goes as fast as you can peddle, which you do with the arms. The head can move from side to side, and the jaws opened and closed, controlled from the handle bars. There appears to no built in ladder, so either you scale the tail bone to get on and off, or you get an NBA player to lift you on and off each time.

Either way, that is a magnificent pile of awesome, and for some reason adorable. Why I can't shake the word adorable while writing this, I don't know? Maybe I have issues. OK, I have issues. Because I'm also thinking how much fun it would be to chase after small children on the back of this thing while playing roaring noises on your phone and humming the Lone Ranger theme very loudly.

So much fun.

Via Geekologie.

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