Bigger, Badder And Exponentially Dumber

The Digging Deeper team have been putting together these wonderful, long-form essays on certain aspects of specific films. The language can get pretty flowery and occasionally hyperbolic, and they make some pretty big leaps of logic which they tend to ascribe to creator intent when it is usually just their own inferences.

This time they focused on The Lost World and Jurassic World. And while they do read a lot more into The Lost World than is actually there, they have discovered a significant number of interesting parallels and aspects in the film that I hadn't realized before. I don't for a moment believe that any of what they've discovered here was the product of specific intent, but this is still a fascinating analysis of a movie that isn't even really a Jurassic Park film (ask me about that later though, I'm busy just now).

And, if I can end this year shitting on Jurassic World one last time, that puts a smile on my face. Because it was not a good movie at all. Bad enough that it makes Lost World look positively masterful.

Via io9.
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