26 Apr 2013

Fan Made Man Of Steel Credits Make You Believe A Film Will Be Good

I am willing to put money down, right now, that this fan made set of credits for Man of Steel will be better then the actual movie Man of Steel. Not a lot of money, mind, but enough to make a point. No image from this trailer was culled, copied or borrowed, but was originally shot or rendered, and constructed over three months by Will & Tale.

Apparently, the rumours are now that Zack Synder will get the job directing Justice League if Man of Steel is a success. Surely, they mean critical success, right? Because even if this thing is a pile of half separated rice pudding, it will make stupid piles of money. I doubt it will reach Dark Knight levels, and surely won't touch Avengers, but still, even Superman Returns was a "hit." Financial success is not always an indicator of quality, especially in the summer.
Via First Showing.

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