7 Jul 2014

Happy Belated Day Of Colonial Aggression, Americans

Which is entirely how I will be referring to the Fourth of July from now on, so just live with that.

While Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert celebrate Independence Day with two weeks off, John Oliver is only taking a single weekend off. And, like he did when he took Memorial Day weekend off, he left us with a little something to hold us over. Which I think is a classy way to take a vacation.

And I'm really liking the comedic stance he and the writers have opted to using this time: interpreting events that, from their perspective, haven't happened yet. Last time it was a much more general "this is what usually happens in a week," and this time it describes every single fireworks display in the 14 centuries since they were invented. With John's usual amount of respectful indignation.

Which I believe is actually Britain's national motto. England: the usual amount of respectful indignation.

Via Uproxx.

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