Enterprise, Coming In Hot

Up until now I'd been sceptical that the ship seen crashing into the sea in the Star Trek Into Darkness trailers was the Enterprise, and might have been another ship in the fleet (Starfleet got really hung up on saucer module design). This Superbowl spot pretty much confirms that it is Enterprise, what with the giant 1701 seen from above as the smouldering wreckage of the ship begins it's decent into the atmosphere (a trip it made in a similar condition once over the Genesis planet. It didn't end well).

On a vaguely related note, has anyone else read the first issue of the Darkness prequel comic? I picked it up based entirely on the quality of the prequel comic done for the first film (which was high), and the surprise appearance at the end might suggest some possible origins for Cumberbatch's character: namely, possible dark universe/alternate timeline trespasser. Dark universe stuff, for all the play it's gotten on TV, has never been featured in a film, and could be fun.

Of course, he's clean shaven in the trailers. So unless that universe has harnessed razor technology, I doubt that is the big reveal.
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