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Because I've had my PS3 for less then a year, I'm still not used to watching for announcements for games from places like E3. Nor do I read the gaming sites, or watch gaming news shows like I did back when the PS2 was the height of technology. So, more often then not, things slip past unnoticed, until I'm wandering through a shop and see something on a shelf. Then it's a race to get home, check out reviews, make sure the game is actually worth playing (I'm looking at you, original Assassin's Creed), then wait until the depreciation kicks in and it's a reasonable price.

So I had no idea a Star Trek game was coming out. A Star Trek game plotted by the writers of the film, and written by God of War 2 writer Marianne Krawczyk. A Star Trek game crafted by Digital Extremes, who made the PS3 BioShock, and which has been described by the company as if "someone spliced Metroid Prime into my Uncharted." A Star Trek game that is canon to the Abram's films, set between the two films, and features the voice acting by the entire reboot cast, including Chris Pine as Kirk, Zachery Quinto as Spock and Karl Urban as McCoy. A Star Trek game where players can control Kirk as a shooter, or Spock as a stealth character. A Star Trek game that features the Gorn as the antagonists.

Now, a healthy amount of scepticism must remain at the forefront when discussing licenced games, as they rarely are anything but shit (there are, as always, exceptions, like Spider-man 2, back in 2004). And, a healthy amount of hesitation must be involved with any Star Trek video game, of which there have been many over the years, and almost none of them are good. However, if this one, frustratingly called just Star Trek, is any good it might a highlight of my gaming year, as the shorter, wider former Trekker sheltered deep within my past has long been desperate for a decent game set in this universe.

The game comes out April 23rd, in advance of the film's release in later May.
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