Superman Becomes Unbound, Whatever That Means

I like the DC Animated Films, generally, but I think I've had quite enough of Superman and Batman. I understand they sell well enough, and that putting the word "Batman" on anything pretty much guarantees it's success. But if all you're going to keep doing is adapting specific storylines from the comics (which, it should be said, is not what the DC Animated Films have always done), there have to be some non-Superman or Batman related storylines worth adapting. I am aware that Flashpoint is apparently being adapted for a release in the future, but I could give a cod's wallop about the Flash.

Anyway, here is the first trailer for Superman Unbound, which adapts yet another Geoff Johns storyline, this time involving Brainiac. The voice cast looks pretty good, featuring Matt Bomer (who I have personally championed as a cinematic Green Arrow) as Superman, Stana Katic (no stranger to voice acting the DCU) as Lois Lane and Molly Quinn (the daughter on Castle) as Supergirl. Best of all, John Noble (late of Fringe) as Brainiac, and that alone is worth the price of ad... ur, watching?

Via ComicsAlliance.
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