Talk About Making A Mountain Out Of A Dragon Hill

It's not as iconic an image as Gandalf standing in the Shire, but as the first teaser poster for The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug, it's pretty good. What works against the PR team Warners has prepping to barrage us with Hobbit stuff for the next six months, is that the focus of the next film is on the dragon, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Except they can't show the dragon in the campaign, because what Smaug looks like is being kept secret. As a surprise. Because that is important, apparently. Because that, after four marathon length films, is what will get people in the seats. The desire to see what the dragon looks like.

Warners, and Peter Jackson: secrets and spoilers aren't as important as you've been lead to believe. You want to get butts in the seats, especially those who thought An Unexpected Party was a bit lackluster? Put the bloody dragon front and centre on every damned poster and trailer between now and December, and you'll pack them in. Don't be cagey, be bold. Buck the trend, and show every other secret obsessed studio that not every movie is Psycho.

Via Collider.
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