Stephen Colbert: Sexy Woman, Or Sexiest Woman

Currently, Stephen Colbert's children's book, "I Am A Pole, and So Can You," is topping the bestseller charts. His Peabody Award winning coverage of Super PACs in the US is being credited with the creation of up to 1000 PACs created by college students. And now, he is the 68th Sexiest Woman of the Year.

Now, Colbert doesn't see gender. People tell him he's a man, and he believes them, because he has a penis. And while, in 2011, he was deemed one of the sexiest men alive by People, for the first time, Maxim, a publication (they still have those) which hasn't been relevant since AOL started mailing out those free discs, has awarded a place in their yearly list grading woman based on their physical appearance, to a man.

And it should be no surprise. This was the first year voting was opened to the public, and Colbert has a history not only of winning things by popular vote, he destroys them. He came in 68th, which is pretty good for a short haired, flat chested, 48 year old nerd. He beat Poppy Montgomery, and she has a Latex Batgirl suit.

Thank god he doesn't have an ego, or this would go straight to his head.

Via The Mary Sue.
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