It's Hard Out There For A Veep

One of the best new shows, if not the best new show last year was Armando Iannucci's Veep, on HBO. Julia Louis-Dreyfus gave what is unreservedly the best performance of her career, which is not to diminish the rest of the cast, who come together to embody what is my vote for funniest half hour on television (Parks and Rec looses because it has heart. Veep has no heart).

I think what really sold it for me was the cussing. It was never the flagrant, vile sort of foul language. And not the offensive, intrusive sort either. The range and almost lyrical nature of the cussing, rolling off the tongues of the characters with no thought, effort or real inflection make it all blend into the natural speech, making it seem common. Making it seem beautiful.

So I look forward to April 14th, if only to see what new sorts of ways they can destroy Jonah's sense of self worth.
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