It's Real To Them

I love exploring the philosophical aspects of fiction. I mean the fictional existence of "real" characters that exist in a "real" world. Even more, I love any story that involves fictional characters within the "real world" realising they're fiction. Or "real" characters who travel into fiction inside the "real" world. Or fictional characters within fiction within the "real" world that try to find a way to become "real." The Thursday Next books of Jasper Fforde, movies like Roger Rabbit, or that Daffy Duck cartoon where the animator and the drawing get into an argument.

Slacktory has hit again, with a cut of characters asserting their reality, while denying that the rules that govern fiction govern them. I find the final clip, of the Doctor being rather sombre, the most chilling. Maybe because it's one of the only ones not being played for laughs. And maybe because it makes me think dark thoughts about the natural of my own existence.

Maybe I'm nothing but a block of text trapped in a digital web, who feels very strongly about TV and film.

Via the Mary Sue.
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