We Don't Have To Wait An Eternity For Oblivion

Do you remember when the Summer Movie Season used to be in the summer? When July 1st was the first big weekend for blockbusters? Then it reached out to Memorial Day (Victoria Day elsewhere) in May? Then, largely I think because of Iron Man, the first weekend in May became the starting point. Then Watchman came out in March, and now summer begins whenever the hell it wants? That bothers me.

Though to be fair, only the "guaranteed hits" come out in May, June and July. March and April are more like the places where studios place movies (as opposed to dumping them in January or September) that were expensive to make, that they'd like to make stupid amounts of money, but they have no idea what to do with because they aren't franchises. Watchmen, John Carter, Adjustment Bureau. Movies that might make an impact, but the studios don't want to risk putting up against something like a Batman or Will Ferrell film.

I say all of this because the second trailer for Oblivion has appeared, which opens in April. I'm looking forward to it, as it appeals to the part of me that enjoys straight forward, somewhat traditional science fiction. It looks very traditional, whatever that means. I don't know. All I know is when I watch the trailers, I get a good feeling in my genre-mass, the part of the brain that regulates appeal of various genres.

What, I'm sure it's a thing.
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