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Alexander Jones, aka Orion Pax, has done something fantastic here. I'm a fan of Lego, have championed the creation of new Lego sets, and am always interested in what people manage to create with the stuff. But this might be one of the more impressive designs I have seen, and will tell Lego now that if they ever put sets out like this, I would indeed purchase them

Ghostbusters Lego. Specifically, the iconic fire station headquarters. Jones not only, and I can only imagine painstakingly, built the exterior of the building, but inside he included functional, to scale and fully equipped versions of every room. And the results are amazing.

I spent the better part of a year putting together my Muppet Theatre, and it exhausted me. And I barely have enough patience to put together the Lego sets that come with instructions, let alone plan out, located pieces for and build my own original construction. I am in awe of such people.

Check out the detailed pictures after the jump, and even more over on Jones' own site.

Best use of a Lego Friends figure I've seen yet.
When the light is green, the trap is clean.
There is a pinball machine in the corner! A Ghostbusters pinball machine!
Bathrooms! People, he put in bathrooms! With decor!
The Real Ghostbusters Ecto-2 Autogyro? Come on...
Yes, that's right. Not content to use the scale Mattel model
of the Ecto-1, he built himself one out of Lego parts.

Via Comics Alliance.
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